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Buddhism proposes a life of good thoughts, good intentions, and straight living, with the ultimate aim of achieving nirvana, and release from earthly existence and pleasures. After the death of Shakyamuni Buddha we know as the Buddha, Buddhism spread to different parts of the world.

The Buddhist architecture is dedicated to different aspects of Buddha’s life. During the reign of Ashoka, Buddhism was widely preached and was spread to a larger part of India extending it to Sri Lanka.

Thangka paintings are made commemorating Buddha and his principles. Buddhist art and architecture made a substantial contribution to the world of religions. This beautiful art form began in Tibet and Nepal and was later widespread to all parts of the world.

The arts and architecture of Buddha, Buddhism (his teachings) are present in the form of Stupas, Viharas, Chaityas, Monastries, Thangka paintings, etc.

Buddha’s teachings can be summarized in three chains: moral discipline, meditation, and wisdom. Various meditational tools have been introduced to the world through Buddhism. One of these beautiful pieces of art that are widely used as a meditational tool as well as a piece of decoration is thangka painting. They have been initially used for religious and ritual performance purposes in Tibet during the 7-10th century. After that, the traveling of Tibetan monks around the world for the spread of Buddhism and its significance for the world has made the thangka painting popular worldwide.

For decades, we, Ritual thangka have been devoting our time passionately to promoting authentic handpainted thangka paintings from Nepal. Thangka paintings are available all around the world but the authentic pieces can be only purchased from the monks and thangka masters residing in Nepal and Tibet.

They are the greatest art forms of ancient Tibet Buddhists. Some common form of thangkas represents divinities and passages based on the teachings of the Buddha symbolically. This divine art form is compacted with positive energies and pure meditative powers.


Each painting from ritual thangka is hand-painted by the masters with excellent use of iconography, divinities, and passages. They are made by skilled monks and masters of the art who have been performing this art form for generations. We have a team of masters and monks who perform and practice thangka painting for their meditation and healing purposes. These thangkas are blessed by the chants and mantras of the artists. They have proper religious understanding, knowledge, and background to create an accurate and appropriate thangka painting. It takes years to learn this art form with patience and true passion.

We have been indulged in the beautiful journey of being part of many people around the world with our authentic products. From the use of quality cloth for the canvas to mineral paints and perfection in details to affordable prices and 100% authenticity, we are one-stop shop for art lovers worldwide.

Thangka paintings from us have a great value in the global market and we provide a wide range of styles and designs in the handpainted thangka. You can find any sort of mandala art; Hinduism and Buddhism elements based on thangka and many more. Some of the most popular thangkas that are sold frequently are Kalachakra Mandala Thangka Painting, Cosmos Mandala Thangka Painting, Buddha Thangka Painting, Deity Mandala Thangka Painting, and so on.

These are some of the thangka paintings that depict Buddha and different deities with Buddha motives. The paintings describe historical events and associated mists with important deities. Our thangka paintings come at a relatively cheaper price than other sellers, manufacturers from Nepal. This is so because the masters of the thangka paintings are perfect in their work and can complete the painting in a relatively lesser time with no space for errors. They add spiritual values to the paintings while practicing this art; it will add great aesthetic value in your life for this.

Although most of these paintings depict deities, they are not just for worship. It is one way for an artist to practice Buddhism and excel in their training with years and years of practice. Many people have been using a printed thangka painting which definitely does no good to the surrounding realm, a printed thangka would not have any spiritual, purifying, and healing powers. They are just a piece of paper that will tear away with no value in time.

Why you should buy a hand-painted thangka?

Having a thangka painting does not just create an attractive look in the space but it has powers way beyond our visual limits. Take your time to shuffle around all our authentic products and try them once to let these divine pieces heal you. Thangka paintings have been used for decorative pieces around the world and only a few know about their actual impact on the surrounding environment it is hung on.

Ritual thangka has been engaged in the process of realizing, adapting, and applying new ideas to the paintings including modern requirements as well. There is always a space for creativity in Thangka painting. Our artists have been indulged in this art form for more than 30 years now and they have always been open to new techniques and add on new elements for the purpose of satisfying customer needs and spiritual requirements.

We are here to help you with your personal growth through Buddhism art forms, our original handpainted thangka paintings will be great art to add to your home and workspace. They are commonly hung in the bedroom, offices, common rooms, and prayer rooms. They emit positive energy and blessings from the mantras engraved in the painting itself.

A person who gazes at these paintings for a few minutes every day is able to feel the change in his energy and productivity. It helps with concentration, fosters coolness, and revives your positive auras. Our art forms are meant to disburse universal messages of love and affection for each other, they help to add compassion and kindness amongst each other.

Thangka paintings made by our artists choose the best quality of paints and materials to make it last you a lifetime. You can even hand down our thangka paintings to the coming generations to maintain the connection of positivity and auspiciousness. We guarantee you that our thangka paintings are one-time investment arts that definitely will make positive changes in your life.

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